How it works

Registration opens in early November.
Organizations submit a request to register through
Registration requests are approved or rejected within a week.
Delegates complete their company descriptions and product profiles.
Product profiles are important: each organization has up to four different profiles to describe key sales and marketing points which the platform uses for automatic searches and recommendations.
Online appointment selection will open August 1st and delegates use the platform to send messages and request business meetings.

Important differences between La Cita and other travel industry meetings

All delegates may request appointments with each other which creates exciting new marketing and sales opportunities. Suppliers can ask media for interviews, researchers can ask for meetings with suppliers, buyers can request meetings with other buyers, etc.

All appointments are by mutual agreement creating the best possible encounter.

"Old school" hand scheduling sessions where Buyers are seated and suppliers have an opportunity to meet them are an important component of La Cita’s networking.

Appointments do not "close" - the La Cita networking platform remains open allowing delegates to make appointments using laptops, tablets and phones even during the event.

After La Cita, the platform provides delegates a powerful tool for follow-up and making contact with individuals you may not have been able to reach during the conference.

Fees and Facts

Buyers: Buyers include wholesalers, tour operators, large retailers, MICE (Meetings and Incentive Companies, Online Travel Agencies, all of whom are analyzed and approved by La Cita and our network of advisors. La Cita’s focus is on quality as opposed to quantity. Additional information is available through our network of National Coordinators or Laura Gutierrez (

Suppliers participate by invitation and represent destination marketing organizations, hotels, ground operators, attractions, car rental companies, air carriers primarily from the USA.
Full Office US $3,000.00 Includes one delegate with a set of appointments, table, chairs, WiFi, electricity and trash can.
Shared Office US $1,875.00 is ideal for organizations who are only sending one delegate yet still want to participate in the appointment setting process. Full offices and shared offices are limited to one organization as outlined in the La Cita Terms and Conditions.
Additional Delegates US $500.00

Market Resources participate fully in La Cita and provide an opportunity for delegates to meet with leading trade and consumer publications, researchers, representation companies, US Foreign Commercial delegates, Visit USA leaders and other important members of the travel industry distribution chain.

While embracing technology, La Cita is committed to serving your needs on a personal basis for everything from registration to appointment selection to actually “working the event” to help find delegates you may have not been able to get to.


How to get the most from the La Cita Platform

My Homepage view:

Click on the screen to the right to see what your Homepage will include.

  • Calendar - Click each day for a view of your schedule. Once appointment scheduling begins, you can view Confirmed, Pending and Open Appointments or even  block times that you may not be available.
  • To Do List - A visual reminder of pending tasks related to La Cita appointment scheduling and outstanding items for your profile.
  • Newest Activites - View your pending and most recent appointment requests or responses.
  • Scheduling Statistics - View a summary of your accepted, declined or pending meetings.


Find the right match:

  • View all profiles - This section gives you a complete list of participants and their profiles. This navigation bar is on the left hand side of your Homepage. 
  • Advanced search - This feature will allow you to search participants by key words, by location, type of business and what companies are looking for. You will find this feature located on the top left hand corner of your Homepage.

View Profiles and Request a Meeting:

Click on the screen to the right to view snapshot of the profile page.

  • View details - Click on the view details navigation bar located on the right hand side of the participant profile. Once opened you will be able to view the full profile.


  • Request a Meeting - View available times and send a request for a meeting.
    • You will see what open time slots are available.
    • Click on the time slot in which you're interested.
    • Compose invitation or request details in the "Your Remarks" text box.
    • Once complete, click on "Send Request".


Manage your meetings:

  • If a meeting request is sent to you, the invitation will show up in your "Newest Activites" section of your Homepage.
  • To review your request click on the "Manage Meetings" link located on the invitation.
  • The link will open to your schedule and show you the day and time requested by the sender.
  • This is where you will also be able to view details, accept, decline or propose another time slot.

Automatically suggested matches:

The My Match navigation bar located on the left hand side of your Homepage will provide you with suggestions based on the information you provide in your profile. You want to make sure your survey is as complete as possible to maximize the value of this feature.

IMPORTANT - This can be a very powerful tool so the more information you provide and the more profiles you complete, the better it will work.

My Profile Administration:

By using the side navigation bar Company Profile (located on the left hand side of the screen) you are able to access your profile, upload your photo, logo and company pic and make updates.

In addition to updating your profile, you may also add additional delegates to your profile allowing them to have access to the matching program.